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Adidas is a German sports brand. it is also a branch of Adidas AG. Its founder is Adolf Adi Dassler. In Nuremberg Adidas began producing shoes products. In 1949 he registered the name of Adidas AG. Originally Adidas was open by two brothers. After going separate ways, Adolf Dassler's brother opened a new sports brand PUMA. This year green peace released a finding. It showed that Adidas clothes have poisonous and harmful material.

The founder of Adidas is both a shoemaker and an athlete. He was born in German. According to his delicate craft and inventive genius; he invented about seven hundred kinds of sport patented products. So in his life he created the Adidas sports kingdom. From 1920, he began to make shoes by hand. From then on, worldwide athletes wearing his shoes got the award-winning in the Olympics. Therefore his fame gradually clear up in the international area. In 1927, Adidas re-launched widely used clothing accessories. Thanks to Dassler's son, Adidas Outlet became a notable brand. His son has a great marketing ability. Horst Dassler knew that promotion campaign played a key role in the establishment of brand image.

He attended the 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne, Australia to promote Adidas brand. His innovative ideas made him the originator of modern sports marketing. With the development of network, Adidas becomes a more and more important brand. The founder of Adidas is not only a skilled shoe maker but also a favorite athlete. His dream is to design the most appropriate sports shoes for athletes. In this concept, he in 1920 made his first sport shoes. Due to his continuous study and improvement, all the shoes he designed are loved by many top players. Adidas Outlet Store shoes showed extraordinary talents in the Olympic Games. Because of the community recognition, Adi Dassler in 1948 created the Adidas brand.

He found a new way to design perfect shoes. In 1949 Adidas changed its face to the whole world. From then on audience continuously saw Adidas three line in the victory screen. Especially in football world, Adidas made a great contribution to them. When the first pair of cleats Adidas released, all top runners and players will choose Adidas to attend the game. Especially in the World Cup football game about 80 percent sportmen choose Adidas shoes. So you can see that at that time Adidas has a great reputation. In 1998 World Cup, the host country France played super-strength with Adidas running shoes.

They beat all the teams and won the championship. In that game star Zidane got the title of "the best football player". So Adidas Basketball is a representative of victory. In addition to football field, Adidas created its legend in many other sports fields too. Such as basketball, baseball, handball and tennis. From 1970, Adidas becomes the member of international ball organization. And Adidas still offer ball to many important ball game such as the European Cup and Champions League. Today Adidas still hold its perfect shoemaking philosophy and constantly communicating with top athlete experts and coaches. Due to several repeated test and the development of ergonomic, Adidas affects people demand for high quality sporting goods.

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