Investigaters Found Pfoa In Yangtze River

Lining, Nike, and Adidas jointly made pollutions. Lining, Nike, and Adidas, these there tycoons have always chased one after another in a state of fierce competition, but recently, they stood together, being accused jointly making pollutions. Recently, a international environmental organization issued a report and claimed that Lining, Nike, Adidas etc., these Adidas F50 Adizero global top fashion suppliers all exist pollution behaviors. These poisonous substance with industrial waste water was discharged straight into China's rivers, which caused serious threat both to ecological system and human health. For this matter, Lining Co Ltd didn't have direct comment, while Nike Co Ltd denied it.

This environmental group lately released "Poisonous Fashion, China Water Pollution Survey of International Clothing Brands" and declared that their investigators found alky phenol from the waste water samples of a company in Pear River Delta under secretly investigation, and this company is a supplier of Lining sports brand. They also found PFOA and phenol alkyl in the waste water samples of Younger Textile Industrial City where is the site for suppliers of well known brands Nike and Adidas Outlet. These chemical substances are disadvantage for human health.

This environmental group declared that investigators checked out various hazardous and noxious substances in the industrial waste water discharged by factories situated in Yangtze River and Pearl River valleys through more than a years' publicly and privately investigation. This has relation to many manufacturing enterprises of textile, and unexpectedly behind their supply chains are dozens of national and international top fashion brands. The report of this environmental organization said that "wet process" technology of textile manufacturing procedure, including, dyeing, cleaning, printing and textile finishing, produced a considerable amount of waste water containing poisonous and harmful materials. However,Adidas Outlet Store the report also said brands, such as Nike once said to the Green Peace Organization their clothing didn't have "wet process" in Younger Textile Industrial City.

After 8 times linking up, responsible servicer of Lining Beijing enterprise supplier missed the phone calls all the time, and finally via the front desk said that the accounting of this incident will be explained to general public on the website, concerning time, it was not revealed. But, Mr. Chen from its supplier's executive branch signified that we knew this report issued by this environmental organization a month ago. Both of them once communicated with each other and they sent Emails, but they didn't reveal the core details, therefore the communication didn't have solutions. The most important thing is what they said is not scientific. Both sampling and testing have a set of reasonable and scientific practice. It is obvious that more than factories discharge there. How should they say we made pollutions, anyway we are a four-star environmental qualified enterprise. Nike replied that from what we know Nike group's contract plant didn't give rise to water pollution in Yangtze River Delta. Nike declared that being cooperated with two Younger groups , they don't have chemical manufacturing procedure only involving cutting and sewing. Therefore, they merely discharge everyday life waste water into waste water treatment plant.

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