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National Flags Color Be Merged In Tango 12

Adidas issued football of European Cup, with Tango 12 uncovering mysterious veil. Early last morning, with the start of the European Cup's draw, Adidas Outlet and UEFA jointly issued official game football, Tango 12 of 2012 European Championship. It's veil of mystery was revealed by Bosque, who is the head coach of Spanish national team.

The classic Tango design in the 1980 s World Cup and European Championships gave Tango 12 its inspiration. Tango 12 is made up of 6 same sized round shapes, which consists of several interconnected imbedding triangles, blending in modern design elements. The designer used the host country of this year's European Championship, namely, Poland and Ukraine's national flag color to outline the edge of the triangles. Inside of the embedded triangles on the ball are 3 special designed patterns, which came from two joint host countries' rural conventional paper-cutting art, giving expression to three key features, namely, unity, confrontation and passion.

Secretary General, David Taylor said that the symbolic design, which world wide players and fans know very well, gave inspiration to the designing patterns of Tango 12, which was designed with such creative and avant-garde innovation, and we will be very excited to see this revived classic in 2012 European Championship. Passing a number of severe tests, including the actual tests of professional player and amateurs from 8 international teams of club level as well as many times of quantitative lab tests. The testing results showed that Adidas Running Tango 12 completely reached and beyond a variety of indexes made by FIFA, and became the strictest official game ball throughout history under tests and evaluations.

Adidas chief executive said that Tango 12 merged our many years of manufacturing experiences in football and it is our crystallization, being widely accepted a lot of tests from players and labs. It will become the best performed Adidas football through out history, because it was tested most times under the strictest testing means. Adidas Tango 12 will be officially used in the national stadium of Warsaw Poland on June 8th, which is the first match of 2012 European Championship. All competing countries could get 30 official match balls for practicing and competition on December 5th, 2011, that is, six months before 2012 European Championship.

No one could do better than Adidas in the area of producing experience , because it began to make footballs since the year of 1963. Previously, Adidas Running has already design 3 different kinds of official game ball for European Championship under the inspiration of Tango designing, including 1980 Tango River Plate, 1984 Tango Mundial and 1988 Tango Europe. Tango 12 is the fourth Euro Championship official game ball under Tango series devising. Ashley Yang: "I have experience Tango 12. Feeling the balls' flying path is highly precise as I pass it. Being a winger, I love Tango 12, and dribbling forward and controlling make me feel fantastic".

John: "Because micro crinkles improved the controlling power of the ball, I like its surface. Having moderate weight, the ball is very easy to control with". Manuel: "The new ball was merged the host countries', that is, Poland and Ukraine's national flag color, which suits 2012 Euro Championship very much. Of course I hope that the ball could make us to win 2012 Euro Championship".

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