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There Is No End For Sports

There is no end for sports. This is not only Adidas slogan in the world, but also is one aspect of our enterprise culture. Another aspect is diversified employees. Adidas employees come from different trades as well as different countries and regions. Being an international business, not just part of Germany, Adidas' nationality should be ignored. Fair competition with team spirit is the third aspect. Adidas US staff is promoted via one's own performance to confirm one's own competence and dedication. Business culture should by specified. The words "business culture is too imaginary in not a few of directors' eyes, so it shouldn't be only used orally, and business culture should be specified actions, consequently, make staff could touch and feel that business culture is embodied in their working atmosphere.

What Adidas people did more than 50 years is to help athletes. Let them perform better, and get better images. "Exercise" has already connected enterprise stuff and all sports lovers together. As soon as I entered Adidas company, I could deeply feel athletic breath here with employees wearing Adidas sportswear, and pictures of world first-class sports stars who were sponsored by Adidas are embellished everywhere in this bright colored modern office environment. All company staff, however busy, will participate in the activity of "Adidas sports night" energetically on Thursdays to enjoy delight in sports.

There are six Adidas values, believable, inspiring, creative, conscientious, sincere and experienced. This is the concrete embodiment of our corporate culture also every employee's work rules. We particularly invited well-known training company to organize a list of training activities focused on the themes of business culture and Adidas Outlet Bear Shoes company values, in order to make all employees deeply soak in the meanings of these six values. Trough playing games, employees could taste the quintessence of business culture, besides personnel resource department also formulated "Keep It Alive" Plan, making business culture live in employees' hearts.

What role dose HR department play in practicing business culture? Being like a driver, HR department only plays an improving role for business culture, and the real implementation is relied on each department's cooperation. Therefore, advanced management's attention is pretty significant if charisma of business culture is truly embodied in business. "To establish a good enterprise culture" is one of the three major goals of Adidas Company in China. In order to achieve this goal HR department Formulated Adidas China human resource strategy. Company's HR strategy is not only formulated by HR department, but also the joint participation of the chairman, different departments' chief inspectors and world famous human resource company, combined with Adidas enterprise culture and business goal in China, which fully embodies the spirit of Adidas enterprise culture and values.

Take Adidas salary system for example, this system fully reflects enterprise culture's spirit of fair competition and honest credence. Staff's salary and their performance are linked together, with the dominant idea of our payment system "Pay for Performance", besides, our payment system implements principle of "fair and transparent". For payment issue is pretty sensitive in all companies, we hope our employees won't have suspicion among them, and arouse bad atmosphere. Our aim is to make staff realize that good opportunity for promotion belongs to everyone in the company, and they are inspired to gain better self-development. Empoyees are very welcome this system, thus a "fair competition environment" is imperceptibly shaped in the enterprise.

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